The information that Ron received revealed a time and place much different than what he knew. There were animals that looked ferocious, playing with the humans. There were huge beasts being led by little children. There were colorful snake like creatures wrapping around the entire body of a small boy but did not harm him, they were only playing and rolling on the tall grass. Spider looking creatures would not sting anyone but instead would weave patterns in different colors and textures. Giant sea behemoths would swim with children, playing and spraying water to everyone.

(Illustration of paradise scene with people and animals playing and enjoying life)

No one was scared. Creatures were living in harmony with humans. Humans were living peacefully with each other. No industrial scenes, high tech facilities, communes or compounds. Everything was lush and green. Things looked so clean that everything sparkled. What seemed like gold and diamonds lined some of the hillsides. Water flowed in the middle of this scene, it looked crystal clear and one could stand at the bank of the river, look down and see right through to the bottom which seemed very deep.

 Pastel colors painted the skies. Light blues, purples and soft orange hues splashed across the horizon. At certain spots a soft mist came up out of the ground. This mist would water all the vegetation. No blade of grass went dry. A group of children looked up and yelled out names. They were looking through a canopy of misty color that engulfed this panoramic view. They were looking far beyond, up through a patch of dark colors that sparkled with big and small glowing lights. They looked like stars that were far away maybe in a distant galaxy. The children played a game of naming the glowing lights.

Another group of children and young adults were taking turns getting on a huge winged creature. It took flight as they hitched a ride on the back of it.  They were laughing as this avian creature would shoot up high and suddenly sharply turn going back down the same way it went up. It plunged towards the ground only to turn a few feet before it would actually crash on to the grass.

(Illustration of winged creature with people on it)

There were rolling hill covered by what seemed like snow. Humans and animals were playing in it. They rolled, slid and buried themselves in it. Except for this part, there were flowers everywhere. All types of color and different varieties. Some looked familiar but others were not, yet they were beautiful and exotic. There were also fruit trees that bore different types of fruit that everyone enjoyed. Animals also ate from the same fruit, even the giant creatures.

It seemed that the sun never went down, if there was a sun. Even though there was daylight, it was hard to tell where it came from. One could not actually see a sun or moon in the sky. If someone wanted to rest or sleep, they must have done it in secret for no one seemed to get tired or exhausted. In contrast, ever one looked strong, healthy and youthful, even the older ones had a youthful glow around them. And their skin color was something quite extraordinary. It was a type of dark, golden brown but could change to different colors; rich blacks, dark reds, golden yellows and what seemed like soft blues and greens created an aura around them.

No one had coverings. Yet they didn’t seem to notice. It was innocent, kind of like when a baby is born, one looks upon the miracle and beauty of life in all its glory and thinks of nothing else. They didn’t seem to be hot or cold. They seemed not to worry about anything. They sang to each other in groups and as individuals with a melody that was smooth, harmonic, with variations of chanting and alms…

Excerpts from the book: The Last Universal War by R.B. Engelve

Full version will soon be vailable online.